The Essential Economy includes some of the most important industry sectors in our economy, where hard work is done to produce goods and services that are essential to our economic growth and quality of life.

The Essential Economy

The Essential Economy is an occupational cluster that includes restaurant kitchen staff, janitors, landscape crews, farm workers, nursing aides, stock clerks and other non-managerial positions. The cluster spans six major economic sectors from agriculture and construction to hospitality and personal care. Workers in The Essential Economy have traditionally been described as low wage and unskilled.

The Council

The Essential Economy Council is a bipartisan, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that originates research and communications that will be used to educate elected officials and business leaders on the value of Georgia’s Essential Economy. The Council is managed by a board of industry specialists and professionals, and it partners with leading businesses, economic development organizations and academic institutions to design and execute its research and communications.


In 2012 the Council initiated and funded original research on the size and importance of the Essential Economy in the State of Georgia. The findings of this study were released in February of 2013 to business leaders and members of Georgia’s General Assembly. A complete copy of this study is available in our publications section […]